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Assessment with release €300

Assessment without release €150

Follow up appointment at one week - included

Extra appointments €80


All babies who need a release need an assessment also.


During your appointment we will complete:

- Feeding history

- An assessment of your infant's feeding (bottle or breastfeed) to identify any challenges or signs of oral dysfunction or ties.

- A body assessment for signs of asymmetry, fascial strain or tension, or high/low tone, which might contribute to feeding difficulties.

- An intraoral examination including function and appearance, using standardised protocols

- A plan of action of action for you and your baby, which may include mouth or bodywork, division of tie(s), feeding suggestions and referral to allied healthcare professionals.

There is no extra charge if both lip and tongue ties are released.

- There is a brief follow up appointment included in your fee, one week post release.

- There is no additional charge for further email and text follow up.

The consults can be claimed as GP visits on some private health policies, there is no code for the procedure. Also, one can claim the cost of the assessment as a medical expense through a tax return form after the year has ended. There is no reduced rate for patients with a medical card.

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