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Frenotomy: Services


Please arrive on time. Appointments are 50 minutes, if you are not able to make it please let me know at or cancel your appointment using the link in the confirmation email.

You will receive a confirmation email with lots of information on tongue-tie, and a video which explains some exercises.

The best way that you and your baby can prepare for the appointment is to do lots of brief but effective tummy time and to try the exercises shown in the email at least once a day PRIOR to coming to clinic. This is a great way of stretching and strengthening the front of the body, or sensory integration and motor development, all of which is important for a baby to feed properly. This work also allows mums to gain some confidence with the aftercare.

Here's a link to effective tummy time -

It is ideal that you do not feed your baby for up to 1 hour before your appointment.  If your baby becomes very distressed due to hunger, give him/her a small amount of milk in order to settle them, but not a full feed.

Please arrive on time as appointments are limited.

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